Facilitating direct access between computers and Android smartphones and tablets for transferring files, 360 Send is an application made by the same guys behind 360 Total Security.
Files and folders can be easily dropped in the main window of the desktop edition to immediately send them to the Android device. Likewise, items can be just as quickly received. The most important aspect about this is probably the fact that user confirmation is not necessary on each transfer.
Transfer files between computers and Android devices
To get 360 Send up and running, make sure you also install the APK. Both workstation and device must be connected to the same wireless network connection since the transfers cannot be done through other means (like USB or Bluetooth). A QR code displayed on the monitor can be scanned on Android to make the link instantly.
Once everything is working properly, you can drag and drop files in the main panel of the Windows version, which will be immediately sent to the smartphone or tablet. Worth mentioning is that you can send not only files but also folders. They can be just as effortlessly sent from Android to the computer.
Make sure the devices are connected in the same wifi network
As far as program settings are concerned, you can change the default saving directory on the hard drive for received files, pick another language for the interface, and disable confirmation when others want to connect to your device.
On the Android device, you can back up files and view history of sent and received files. When preparing to transfer something to the computer, like photos, videos, apps or audio tracks, you should know that the files are grouped in different categories, like Facebook, Instagram, animated GIFs from WhatsApp, documents, or compressed files.
All aspects considered, 360 Send delivers a simple and straightforward solution for sending and receiving files between desktops and Android-operated devices.



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With the file management app 360 Send, you can send files from Windows to Android. How does it work? Just transfer the files in any other way and connect your Android device to the network. The app is a well-tested and reliable application that makes file transfers between Windows and Android as simple as it gets. Transfer between Android and PC
360 Send is an application that makes transfers of files from PC to Android and vice versa as easy and convenient as it can be. You can access this application on Android and Windows, and the connection takes place automatically via Wi-Fi or Internet. With 360 Send, files can be shared by dragging them into the application. Also, when this file management app is used, you do not have to give permissions to other apps to handle your files. Transfer files between devices
With 360 Send, transferring files from your PC to Android is simple. You can send any file that is already on the PC. Once the files are selected, the transfer starts immediately. The app supports a variety of file formats. With the possibility to handle both audio and video files, you can easily transfer videos, image files, and any other type of files you need. Transfer files without any trouble
Unlike any other PC to Android file management tool, 360 Send is extremely easy to use. The intuitive interface will help you move files to and from your computer. You can easily choose the file types you want to transfer and then decide which device you want to transfer them to. Transferring files without any difficulties
360 Send’s application interface makes transferring files between your PC and Android simple. It will take less than 5 minutes to set up the process. The transfer process is totally free and no permission has to be requested. This file management app does not need registration to run.
Transfer files from any device with 360 Send
The only thing you need to do is log in with your Google account or Facebook account. It is the only step required to start the process. Once this step is completed, you will be able to transfer files between Windows and Android.
What is new in this version:
This is a bug fix version.
Important Note:
You will have to log in to Google or Facebook to connect with 360 Send.

Android O’s auto link to open apps has proven to be a pain to non-technical users. Most people simply don’t know how to do it, or they don’t like to. But until someone figures out how to help developers with this problem, there is 360’s

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Fluentd is a log collector and handler for fluentd which collects and sends logs from all your devices and application to the ELK or Flink cluster for further processing.
Version : 1.0
Download :
License : Apache-2.0
Support contact :
How to use :
Download fluentd, extract and you are ready to use!
1. Open your file of choice
2. Just run the script file of the fluentd
3. Follow the configuration of the fluentd
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The Microsoft Access Password Recovery is a program for recovering lost Windows password and forgotten Windows account. No complicated setup required, it is easy to use.
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The first program was created to share files on your Windows Desktop PC to other devices (Android and iOS) using Wi-Fi. The program provides a feature for synchronizing the files you want to share. The program helps to keep your files in sync across devices, you can easily sync files to another device by adding the other device to the program. The program supports Google Drive as well as Dropbox. It helps to secure your privacy and keeps your files secure. The program is available for free on the Google Play store and Windows Store.

The desktop version of the program supports Google Drive, but the mobile version only supports Dropbox.

This program is a simple way to synchronize files between different devices, you can easily synchronize the files you want to share.

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