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Feb 20, 2012
I have Autocad 2010 & 11 on xp, windows 7 and windows vista. I have spent 2 years trying to get the installed version for windows 7 to use the license that I have already paid for and I just couldn’t get it to run. I finally got it working one .
May 28, 2010
I just used the 32-bit version of Autodesk and Activation of the Autocad 2010 works just fine. .
May 7, 2012
I have AutoCad 2010 on Windows 7 32 bit. I managed to activate it on a Win 7 32 bit yet I have a problem with the licence key. .
Sep 19, 2012
Hey everyone, I am using I’m having some problems with the activating Autodesk AutoCad 2010. I’ve been installing and trying to activate since .
Nov 3, 2011
I just downloaded the 32 bit version of Autodesk Autocad on my Windows 7 64 bit and everything works fine, but now i have a problem activating the system license for Autocad. The serial number it accepts is the same that i have activated the software with on Windows .
Jan 12, 2014
I just installed autoCAD 2010 on a 64-bit OS and I had no trouble with the activation process. However, when I go to install the upgrade to 2011, I receive the following error: ‘Error: The file already exists. Installation aborted’. This .
Jul 21, 2015
I just registered the 32-bit version of Autocad 2010 with my license key that works fine in 32-bit but not in 64-bit. i have tried changing the default bitness of the key to 32-bit from 64-bit but still no joy. I’m on Win 7 64-bit .
Oct 22, 2014
I just installed the 32 bit version of Autocad and Activation works just fine. I have a problem with the licence key that I just bought and that I could not activate because the system says it is outdated. I changed the system year on the key but still I get this error .
Aug 4, 2015
I just installed the 32 bit version of Autocad & the activation works fine, but still the license key that I just bought says that it’s outdated. The serial number entered is not the same that it worked with on Windows 7 32 .

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When i installed Autocad 2010 (32-bit) on win7 x64, i got message: Failed to apply Quick Launch and started open new window to run software again. I don’t know why?
A couple more questions, on my computer i have Autodesk AutoCAD 2018, AutoCAD 2018 64 bit, AutoCAD 360 and AutoCAD PRO 2018 so could someone explain if i should remove any of the programs as i don’t need them?
When i tried to remove Autocad 2010 (32-bit) off my windows 7 x64, it started to remove everything, then i got nothing on my start screen. I had to install it again from desktop.
Please help.

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Autocad 2010 32 Bits 1, I just installed Autocad 2010 32 bit on my windows 7 x64, but when I double click the autocad shortcut, it just open new window but didn’t start to run software, so I do a search and looking over this forum I have seen a workaround and I did it and it worked and I followed the instructions and saved it.
Download link for Autocad 2010 for Windows XP/ 7/Vista for 32bit and 64 bit.
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I have been using this software for the last 5-6 years and love it. After your updates on May 20, 2018, I tried to uninstall the software and when I tried, it started to uninstall everything. Then, I found the AutoCAD 2007 serial key, Autocad 2010 serial key, Autocad 2012 serial key, Autocad 2016 serial key and Autocad 365 serial key forum. I found out that you still had an update about the Autocad 2010 activation code 2018, and after checking the forums for the solution, I came up with this