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1. Overview :

What you get
* latest drivers and software
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* updated driver and software
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* signed and authorized by the developer
* no third-party advertisements
* 100% clean installation
* automatic updates, so you never miss a new version

2. Is it free?

Yes. For detailed instructions please read the key driver installation section and the key guide.

3. Instructions:

1.  Start the free trial version and select the ‘Install’ button. You will have to wait a few seconds for the software to be installed.
2.  The software will be installed on your computer during the first run. You will have to run 3 times to activate it.
3.  When it has been installed for the first time you will have to start the software and leave it running in the background.
4.  If you have an Internet connection, you will be able to install the latest software version available.

4. Free updates will be installed automatically in the background.

5. If you are interested in the latest updates for your software, you must upgrade to the pro version, when you want to.

To upgrade to the pro version you must go to the free version page and click the ‘Pro’ button.

How to use?

1.  We are dedicated to finding the best FREE programs for our users. You can use all programs you like without paying.
2.  All our drivers and software are fully activated. You don’t have to pay anything. 
3.  You don’t have to download any additional files.  Simply click and run the setup file and follow the instructions.
4.  You don’t have to connect to the Internet.  Updates are installed automatically and won’t slow down your PC.
5.  We provide weekly updates, so that you never have to download the software again.

6.  At any time, if you are using our free version, you can purchase the pro version.

7.  If you like our software you can leave a tip. Your contribution will help us to develop further.
8.  If you have any questions, contact us by e-mail or mail.

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