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Ajax and odata

I have some question related to odata and ajax.
I would like to send some info from asp page to service. I use odata in mvc. There is my method (controller side):
public IEnumerable Get(string site, int user)
//some code

I would like to call this method using ajax. How can I do this? Is this allowed? Is it possible that some info may come from some other page?
Thank You in advance.


You could use a System.Web.Mvc.JsonResult, that is a JsonResult returning a Json string:
// controller method
public ActionResult MyJsonResult(string site, int user) {
// some code

return Json(
new {
someData = «The user is » + user,

Then you could reference this using jQuery like this:
$(«#myBtn»).click(function() {
url: «»,
method: «POST»,
data: {
site: «»,
user: 45

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