Codigo Penal Peruano Comentado Gaceta Juridica Tomo Ii

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Codigo Penal Peruano Comentado Gaceta Juridica Tomo Ii

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Codigo Penal Peruano Comentado Gaceta Juridica Tomo Ii | ComentadoMark:

Attached is a draft of the letter that I believe will be responsive to the
filing of the second pleading in the case in Harris County on April 1. Please
review the email that I sent you on Friday.

Please let me know if this is acceptable to you and, if so, we will
immediately begin preparing a letter for filing.



Mark Confer@ECT
02/27/2001 08:36 AM

To: Lisa Millette/Corp/Enron@ENRON
cc: Richard B Sanders/HOU/ECT@ECT
Subject: Fuel Cell

I would like to get something in place regarding the filing of the second
pleading for fuel cells in Texas. My trial for the week of April 2 is
booked for Harris County (and will be my only Harris County trial in 2001).
I will be asked at the arraignment and I will be in trial the week of the
2d. I will not be in Houston for the next two weeks. I need to know
whether I should ask the court for a continuance. If you have any thoughts
in this regard, please advise.

Senior Counsel, ENA
Phone: 713-345-8897
Facsimile: 713-646-3940
E-Mail: Mark.Confer@enron.comQ:

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