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Category:Mathematics journals“I hate what we were going to do, but we will start doing it on Tuesday,” said Broward Republican Commissioner Juan Cuba, who originally proposed the question on Tuesday’s ballot.

After several public forums, questions and arguments were heard on both sides, the Florida Senate passed the bill on a 12-4 vote, with two senators abstaining.

Earlier this week, officials held a closed-door meeting with Broward’s Hispanic senators — two Republicans and a Democrat — who said they would likely vote to approve the bill, despite their preference for the Legislature to delay the question.

One Hispanic senator said that he would support the bill because it is not a good idea to force communities to choose between the two issues: one, civil rights and the other, religious issues.

“There is no consensus yet among the Hispanic community,” said Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville. “We will have to wait.”Q:

How to switch nginx and haproxy configuration based on the previous content?

I am very new to Nginx. I would like to use Nginx for static content and I would like to use HAproxy to route requests to different backends. I would like to have one instance of each server. Nginx will serve as the local development instance and HAproxy will be used for production.
In the past I have used Nginx for static files and I had a separate server running for each instance but was recently given a task to configure Nginx to use HAproxy for static files. This is the last part of my journey in learning Nginx.
Here is my server architecture:
If I receive a request:

Nginx should route the request to a HAproxy instance
HAproxy will resolve the service to a server running haproxy.sock
HAproxy will route the traffic to the backend

In this example if I received a request:

I would like Nginx to route it to its default server
HAproxy will resolve the request to server1
HAproxy will route the request to the backend on server1

Currently I have the following config for Nginx:
http {

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