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Why does my audio playback keep dropping out on Hyper-V guests?

I’ve just installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on top of Windows Server 2016, and since doing so I’ve found that whenever I run an audio-intensive program (eg. firefox) the music that plays back in Ubuntu (with the help of mpd and jack) keeps dropping out.
Now I know that this is probably down to Hyper-V and I’m not alone – plenty of people seem to be experiencing this issue.
I have two RAM cards in the machine (I’ve yet to install any drives) and one of them is apparently not being used (as the memory usage reports are low when audio stops working).
I’ve found out that, in certain cases, if I keep the volume to 100% (instead of the default 50%) in mpd the audio will not drop out – but I’d rather not have the music a continuous, at the expense of the audio files being read but not played (being’silent’)
Question: Am I in the right direction in finding this out? If not, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?
Many thanks.


A friend of mine found the solution, and since I’ve yet to post it I’ll do so with their permission – just in case anyone else finds this post via search results.
Windows has a problem – it cannot track memory, and somehow this affects the audio, even though it’s a separate process.
To work around this – just follow these steps:

Open the Task Manager
Goto the Memory tab
Resize the «Private Memory» column to show the amount of memory available to Windows that is not being used (in a way that does not affect any other process)

This will stop any audio dropping out, and provide a solution for this problem for the Hyper-V guests.

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