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MoonEdit is a collaborative text editor software which allows many users over the internet to edit the same document at the same time.

MoonEdit is a collaborative text editor software which allows many users over the internet to edit the same document at the same time.
Every user can modify documents at any place or time – without restriction. You can watch other people’s cursor movements in real time as they make changes. Each user writes text in their own color so you can easily tell who wrote what.
Also included are a few bells & whistles, such as simulating the typing sound of a keyboard (so you know when others are making changes), an in-line equation evaluator (so you don’t need to open a separate window for a calculator), and even a rudimentary music sequencer!
Here are some key features of «MoonEdit»:
Cooperative multi-user text editing over the internet.
· Every co-author can edit the shared document at any time, from any place, and at the same time! There’s no need to send files via FTP or to compare documents when multiple users need to make changes to it independently.
Multiple text cursors visible on the screen.
· Every user has their own color. Every cursor movement and text changes are simultaneously visible on the screen by all users.
Remote text editing without latency.
· «ME» uses local prediction code – the same technology used in modern video games! You can use a dedicated standalone server to share a whole directory of text files. Remote users can then edit these files using the «me» client – at the same time. This functionality can be useful for creating websites directly on the www server – which is more efficient than editing files privately and then uploading them via FTP. You could even use «ME» to run a real-time text forum 🙂
Users can view the history of changes from a multi-user edit session.
· This is especially useful if you want to check out what other users have changed since you were away.
Keyboard typing sound simulation.
· With this, you don’t need to move your eyes to know when someone else is making changes to the document.
Built-in calculator and music sequencer.
· To solve complex mathematical expression, just type it as normal text and press Ctrl+Enter. You can also enjoy most unique ME feature: collaborative multi-track music edit. Enter music score using simple text format, and play it using your own or built-in samples.

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Multi-user shared document text editor.
MoonEdit provides a shared text editor that any number of users can collaboratively edit.
Users are identified by a username, and they can be spread across the internet or local network.
Each user is assigned their own color, so you can see who made what changes.
Every user writes in their own color, and the program adds the colors of all the users on the screen.
Because «ME» uses local prediction code, you can edit documents without any latency, regardless of how many users are editing the document.
You can also download the edit history file, which records all the changes to the document, including:
· Document modifications made by each user
· Document changes made by each user
· Document changes made by each user
You can even watch the other user’s cursor moves in real time!
This document is designed to be an excellent companion to the video tutorial on using MoonEdit:
· How to edit a document
· How to view the document’s history
· How to check a document’s shared permission
multi-user collaborative text editing
multi-user shared document editor
Keyboard shortcut:
system requirements:
Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
MoonEdit is the registered trademark of ActiveState Software Inc., an independent software vendor located at 1803 Janes Lane, Oakland, CA 94621.Five Days of Gold

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MoonEdit allows multiple text documents to be edited simultaneously by multiple people.
Using local prediction code, users see other people’s cursors move, and can also see their own cursors. As more people contribute to the same text file, editing becomes a better experience for all. Every user gets a dedicated color to write in.
If a person is away from the computer, then their cursor movement can be downloaded to the rest of the users. This is done using local prediction technology.
MoonEdit can also act as a file server. MoonEdit allows users to work on text files located on the server and edit them directly on the website. This can be useful for people who want to collaborate on a single website, but want to keep the content separate. You can also upload files to MoonEdit via a web interface, and have them be automatically uploaded to the server once all co-authors are done editing.
MoonEdit also has a built-in calculator, music sequencer, and equation evaluator. You can simulate typing sound with any keyboard to help you know when others are editing.
MoonEdit is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux.
MoonEdit Features:
· Multiple users can edit the same document at the same time.
· Each user can edit documents using their own color
· Each user can view the history of the other users’ changes
· All changes are shown on screen simultaneously
· The results of a complex math equation can be evaluated on the fly
· Input text can be entered in math expression syntax. For example:
· All input can be edited with normal keyboard
· The date & time are included in the line number so users know where each edit was made.
· If a person is away from the computer, their cursor movement can be downloaded to the rest of the users
· Users can download files to edit remotely
· MoonEdit can act as a file server
· Users can work on text files located on the server and edit them directly on the web
· Uploaded files are automatically uploaded to the server after everyone has finished editing. This is useful if people are sharing content online.
· MoonEdit can act as a file server
· MoonEdit allows you to share files publicly by hosting them on the www server
· Moon

What’s New in the MoonEdit?

System Requirements For MoonEdit:

NVIDIA CUDA-capable graphic card
CPU: Intel i5-3320, AMD Phenom II X4 955 or higher, AMD FX-6100
RAM: 8GB or higher
HDD: 3GB or higher
AGP Graphics Card: NVIDIA 8800 or 8600
CPU: AMD Athlon II, K6, K7, Athlon XP, Sempron
RAM: 512MB or higher
HDD: 160MB or higher
Adobe Flash Player required
DirectX: Version 9.