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6 ways to escape the zombie apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is coming—or, perhaps, it’s already here. And while this war between the living and the dead will probably prove more horrific than anything Hollywood has put on the screen, it’s also providing us with a great opportunity to talk about the zombies themselves.

While zombies have been coming to your living room screen for some time, it’s rare to find an examination of the concept in a book. And though zombie movies can be a bit annoying, you can’t deny that the genre has transcended just the movies. The very fabric of society is changing to include the walking dead.

On top of that, the zombie apocalypse has also been a pop-culture conversation starter for a while now, thanks to Michael Jackson and the so-called “Thriller” video, the Jell-O wrestling video, and, of course, the Twilight saga.

All of that adds up to one of the weirdest realities in modern life. And what better time than a global zombie crisis to discuss the future of society? That’s where we come in.

#1. Avoid the zombie attack

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The threat of a zombie apocalypse can be a scary one, and there is certainly a chance that the threat will come true. But you might not have to worry if you stay prepared for the worst. According to Bryan Caplan, a professor of economics at George Mason University, the number one cause of death in zombie movies is simply “not getting the hell out of Dodge.” In other words, it’s not zombies that are going to bring the end of civilization—it’s everything else.

Caplan said in an interview that

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The best way to organize your movies! Don’t lose your movie collection and search the web for IMDb data right from within Movie Monkey! * Organize your movies by year, by type, by rating and by genre. * Search movies by title, author or actors. * Export your list as a HTML file or copy directly to your clipboard. * Add new movies and/or cover art by scanning your computer. * Edit a movie and delete it right from your computer. * Add favorites and filter results. * Add your reviews or ratings. * Adjust the order of the categories and move your movies. * Organize movies in categories and subcategories. * Get different screens for your movie folders. * Copy movies to and from your iPod or iPhone. * Open movies by double-clicking on them. * Export movies right to your iTunes library or to your computer. * Auto-sync movies to your iPod or iPhone. * Export any folders as an HTML file. * Add notes. * Sort movies by size and/or date. * View the plot and cast of any movie.

Do you like movies? Do you like it a lot? Then you should keep track of your favorite titles with Movie Monkeys and Movie Monkeys Movie Manager!
The basic version of this application can be used to automatically generate a list of all movie titles available in your list of DVDs. Besides, you can enjoy information about movies on the Internet by connecting to IMDb or other databases. This means that you can find the IMDb data right from within the application.
Apart from the basic movie list and movie information, there is also a movie editor that allows you to delete movies, add notes to them, change their rating or year, rename the movie or even add cover art.
Apart from these options, you can export your list to a CSV file and sort movies by size or date. Last but not least, there are options to copy movies between your DVD collection and your iPod or iPhone.
Due to copyright restrictions this application cannot add missing IMDb data and it cannot export movies from a CD or DVD in your local drive. This is why it is important to use the Internet to sync your movies with IMDb, and not a local DVD drive.
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A must-have application to keep your movie and music collection organized!
Movie Monkeys Movie Manager gathers your movies and music into a

What’s New In?

Get all the movies you want to watch
Handy for organizing your DVD collection to fit your viewing pleasure
Generate a database of all movies you've ever watched.
View and rate your collection in one place with quick and easy search
Organize your movie collection with categories.
Import from IMDB
Can't download all titles

Movie Monkey reviews:


Best Free Movie Download

Movie Monkey is a stand-alone application. In comparison to other applications, Movie Monkey offers a very basic set of features. Also, it requires you to upload your movies in order to use it.

Movie Monkey Review

Start downloading all movies you want to watch on your hard drive.

What to expect:

You can use Movie Monkey to create a database of all movies you've ever watched. If you have a decent amount of movies, then Movie Monkey is the application you are looking for. It allows you to store movies in a database.

Once your movies are stored in the database, you can search through them using a simple to-use interface. You will be able to view the movies you have and rate them based on criteria that you specify. After you have rated all the movies, you can download them to your hard drive.

Movie Monkey offers a built-in IMDB site. You can use this site to get movie details and data, such as ratings. The site is also used to import movies from. To search for a movie you are looking for, simply enter the title in the search box. You will find all the movie you are looking for, as well as movies with similar titles.


The application is free of charge. This makes Movie Monkey a good choice for anyone who wants to download movies.

The interface is very user-friendly. You can enter movies by entering the title. You can also search for movies based on the title.

The interface allows you to download your movies.


Movie Monkey does not support editing options.

The database cannot be imported into Movie Monkey.

Movie Monkey Review:

My Opinion:

Movie Monkey is a simple application with limited features. It is capable of downloading movies that are on your hard drive. Once you have set up the database, you can view movies by clicking on the database. You can rate the movies and download them. This allows you to start downloading movies that you are interested in.

What’s New in version 2.7:

Imported some IMDB data in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. Added new language support.

Movie Monkey Review:


Simplistic movie database application

Movie Monkey is a simple application for viewing movies and rating them. You

System Requirements:

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