MTA: SA 1.3.1 released with the 1.3.5 (free download) R1


Mta Sa Server 1.3 Download

Rudi Wündisch (brutality1) gave it a shot today and told me that this version is just a huge pain when it comes to compiling (Due to the changes in CPUID ) to fix that we tried to fix it for 1.4, but we have since been unable to, and we will not have a more functional 1.4 release.
So please pick up this server.

So you have to use the version 0.90 of the MTA server to have MTA 1.3.
MTA 1.3.x.

I dont know if that version has the problems you have, but it has been working on all my clients since the middle of March 2012, as this is the only MTA server that i know of working perfectly in all my clients since that time..

I’m sorry but we are not in a position to help people not know what they are doing, cause if everyone starts compiling their own MTA (which requires compiling a server and that requires the know how of the person doing the compiling, you have to understand that this is a no no, cause as said before we are unable to fix this problem and you will have to wait for MTA 1.4 to come out in order to get MTA 1.3 out of beta (After that.

Btw this is the first time someone complains here about 1.3, cause when i started this server it was MTA 1.2.
Mta Sa Server 1.3 Download

I did not compile MTA 1.3 from scratch, the previous version was compiled.
i’ve been using MTA since v1.3.5 and the most problems i’m having is client crashes and server support.

We will not have a more functional 1.4 release, and in order to fix that MTA team has made a big effort to try to make a version that was functional by compiling from scratch, but they are unable to do it since they have

inability to compile MTA 1.3.x due to the many changes in the CPUID (causes crashes when compiling MTA 1.3.x). So what about the official MTA server?.

MTA Sa Server 1.3.x

But they decided not to continue giving support to this version of MTA, cause they are unable to give support to MTA 1.3.x. So the official MTA server released now is MTA Sa Server 1.0.3 and it is a

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

The Pacific Highway Highway


Category:Video game mods
Category:GTA San AndreasfileFormatVersion: 2
guid: 04d12a67eea5d2103926ba3b5cd6d6a0
timeCreated: 1458911241
licenseType: Pro
fileIDToRecycleName: {}
serializedVersion: 2
mipMapMode: 0
enableMipMap: 1
linearTexture: 0
correctGamma: 0
fadeOut: 0
borderMipMap: 0
mipMapFadeDistanceStart: 1
mipMapFadeDistanceEnd: 3
convertToNormalMap: 0
externalNormalMap: 0
normalMapFilter: 0
isReadable: 0
grayScaleToAlpha: 0
generateCubemap: 0
cubemapConvolution: 0
cubemapConvolutionSteps: 8
cubemapConvolutionExponent: 1.5
seamlessCubemap: 0
textureFormat: -1
maxTextureSize: 2048
filterMode: -1
aniso: -1
mipBias: -1
wrapMode: -1
nPOTScale: 1
lightmap: 0
rGBM: 0
compressionQuality: 50
allowsAlphaSplitting: 0
spriteMode: 0
spriteExtrude: 1
spriteMeshType: 1
alignment: 0
spritePivot: {x:.5, y:.5}
spriteBorder: {x: 0, y: 0, z: 0, w: 0}
spritePixelsToUnits: 100
alphaIsTransparency: 0
textureType: -1
buildTargetSettings: []
sprites: []