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MyHotSpot is a new and innovative solution, aimed at businesses that want to offer an Internet connection to their clients but do not have the necessary resources or knowledge to do so.
MyHotSpot is a user-friendly WiFi hotspot solution, that offers the possibility to control the whole activity of the service in a simple and well-organized manner, thus allowing you to carry out all your activities with ease.
Your clients will have access to their accounts, to your menus, their credit balance and will be able to log in through a web browser, instead of having to be physically present at the hotspot.
Thanks to its simple and user-friendly design, your clients will be able to access your hotspot without any help from you and without having to enter data manually.
With MyHotSpot, you’ll be able to make sure your customers have a secure, private and safe connection to the Internet in your premises.
Moreover, you will be able to maintain total control over the activity of the hotspot: by using its built-in payment system, you’ll be able to charge your customers for the Internet access you offer.
In addition to offering your clients a secure Internet connection, you will be able to keep track of all the statistics of your clients (transactions, money balances, user time, logos…) and you will also be able to carry out reports and create a custom logo for your company.
The concept of MyHotSpot’s management is based on the concept of automation and the development of the software has been inspired by a simple question: how do you create a hotspot without spending a lot of time in front of a computer?

MyHotSpot Overview:
MyHotSpot is a software which provides a new and innovative solution to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
The software has been created to boost the efficiency of these companies by using a WiFi hotspot service as a way of connecting their clients to the Internet.
It has been designed as a software solution that lets users create a hotspot in a cost-effective manner, while offering all the functions needed to administer the service, control the billing, manage the clients’ accounts and connect them to several free websites.
Thanks to its unique concept, users can create a WiFi hotspot through the software and control its activity through a simple, well-organized system, which makes it a simple and practical solution.
Moreover, the software allows you to keep track of every activity and you will

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MyHotSpot is an application that lets you create a WiFi hotspot for small to medium-sized businesses, such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, gaming centers, schools, retail stores, etc.
This software is a powerful management application that is capable of managing all aspects of a WiFi network, making you able to charge your clients for access to the Internet.
The WiFi network can be created in three ways:
Through the standard MyHotSpot main window, which is featured with a series of options that include: the set up of the password of the secured network; a link to the main window that allows you to check the menu options and to proceed with the process; the creation of the whole WiFi network; a link to the terminal window that allows you to start the basic configuration of the connected devices, the creation of the WiFi network and the devices list; a link to the administration window where you can manage the users and the members; a link to the connection screen where you can create your own offers and customize the welcome screen.
Through the remote administration console, an option that allows you to check the terminal statistics, the current list of users, manage the users and their payment status, and to create your own offers that are shown to clients at login.
Through the local administration console, a feature that allows you to check the user list, the members’ payment status, the current connection list, manage the available tariff packages, and to customize the welcome screen.
The application uses the power of wireless devices in order to share access to web resources, allowing you to charge for the access to the Internet using the built-in payment system.
Moreover, it offers a feature called MyFunds, which allows you to create a secure fund in order to pay all clients within the WiFi network, and to control all aspects of the WiFi network through the MyHotSpot interface.
It provides full control over every aspect of the network, allowing you to take advantage of the wide functionality that the application provides.
Among the various features provided by the application, it’s worth mentioning the following:
– The possibility to send SMS messages to clients that are on the list, with reminders about their payment status.
– The possibility to set a list of websites that clients can access in order to earn money.
– The ability to configure tariffs and customize offers for your clients.
– The opportunity to offer discounts, in addition to the possibility to set the rate of each client.
– A clickable link to

What’s New In MyHotSpot?

MyHotSpot enables small-to-medium sized businesses to create WiFi hotspots to share Internet access. In addition to sharing an Internet connection, MyHotSpot allows you to use its features to create a WiFi and POS software solution that will make your business more profitable.
• Allows you to create a WiFi hotspot and share access to the Internet.
• Provides a range of functions for controlling access and monitoring the sharing of an Internet connection.
• Provides a user and a staff authentication process.
• Supports a graphic design option to customize your MyHotSpot interface.
• Provides a web-based user interface to maintain your MyHotSpot configuration from a web browser.

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System Requirements For MyHotSpot:

Single player requires at least 512MB of RAM and should work on modern PCs
we recommend 1024MB RAM or more for a best experience
Dual play requires at least a 1GB Graphics Card and at least 384MB VRAM, additional configs for multiplay are available
on Windows 10 (64bit)
Hard drive space 3GB minimum
1GB of Video RAM
512MB of VRAM
1282 x 782 resolution required for best experience
For MacOS Sierra version the following requirements are recommended: