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Hi, does anyone know if you guys know how to get the map called «Kenway’s Fleet» in AC4? I’ve been trying to get it for a few hours, but I’ve been going to Safegaard by the pirates, but I end up having a lose fight and suddenly Kenway’s Fleet is back in the game again. The main point is that I need this map in the game so that I can get 100% synchronization, and I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with that. Thanks in advance! .
2 days ago • . . . This is not a game, this is a.
I have been playing this game for 2 days and have gotten to the last one you need to go to the roof of the boat and use treasure and get the map from.
6 days ago • . I can’t find «Trinary Ballistics» anywhere,
6 days ago • .
After loading a save in AC4 Black Flag, I got the error message «KENWAY’S FLEET.PLAYSTYLE.ASSASSINATION_CRACKS.ASSASSINATION.TRIBALISM not found.
3 days ago • . . I am on v.07 of AC4 Black Flag, and I can’t find any multiplayer or anything multiplayer related.
3 days ago • . I unlocked the multiplayer and I have been playing it for over an hour now and I have not been able to find the treasure map called kenway’s fleet.
4 days ago • .
4 days ago • . The map is called «Assassination Cracks»
5 days ago • . . . I have been trying to find the last map in Assassin’s Creed black flag since yesterday.
5 days ago • . . . The map is called “Assassination Cracks” and is unlocked through the mead.
7 days ago • . You’re gonna need the map named «Kensway’s Fleet» and the chest behind it to finish the.
7 days ago •. You can get to the chest by going into the captain’s quarters on the ship and using the pirate flag.
9 days ago •.
Need help, i’ve been trying to find these chests and maps for days. kenway fleet and treasure room.

ac4+kenway-fleet. If you can’t reproduce the error, disable the forge and try again with the unlock script. If this isn’t the same error, I need to know! EDIT: Have you tried disabling the Forge option in the Setup Manager and trying to run the unlock script again? Check your log to see if you’re getting the error on launch again (includes the error message).
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