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Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 20


Jan 2, 2018
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Jan 4, 2018
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Mar 21, 2016
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Sep 4, 2017
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Kolagunta (1982) as Thamaraparicha.
Shankarrajyam (1988) as Guneti Kavitayya / Guneti Koduva.
Rajamanikyam (1988) as Mysore Ranganayakshasena.
Manimani (1989) as Lord Krishnadevaraya / King Krishnadevaraya.
Veera Kannagi (1989) as Kannagi.
Ilakkalam (1989) as Yakshas.
Annavru (1989) as Yakshas.
Lord Krishna (1989) as Mahabaleswara.
Gandara Gandara(1989) as Krishna.
Kasidha Kattadha (1990) as Kattadha.
Kaadina Kadhulina (1990) as Virupaksha.
Gandharva Geetham (1990) as Shankara.
Bhaktha (1990) as Narayana.
Kannappa (1990) as Kannappa.



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rathi vignana kannada book free

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