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Revealer Keylogger Pro Full Crack

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-Key Features

The program’s main features are the following:

Record and send keystrokes.
Record on-screen inputs.
Record keystrokes in other applications.
Record mouse movements.
Monitor the mouse activity.
Can record any application or program.

This application is used to monitor and hide keyloggers.


*For Mac OS

Processor: Intel Core Duo or faster
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
RAM: 128MB

*For Windows

Processor: Any (Intel or AMD)
Operating system: Windows 2000 or higher.
RAM: 128MB

*For Linux

Processor: Any (Intel or AMD)
Operating system: Linux 2.6 or higher.
RAM: 128MB


There are some noteworthy extensions of this software.


This add-on allows the installation of the software without downloading it.

Try it: Online video tutorial.
Some other useful features in the program, such as the hidden keylogger, hidden activities, monitoring in the background, and logging application information, are not allowed by Norton Internet Security or some other security applications.


The removal feature of the software allows the user to delete the files of the software, the browser extension, temporary files, and logs of the mouse and keyboard.

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