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for (int i = 0; i From Team Fortress Wiki

The official driver for the G19.

This article is about the weapon and the gun, for the other article, see G19

The G19 is a weapon of Team Fortress 2. It resembles a licensed version of the M1911.45ACP that was originally designed by John Browning in collaboration with his son, Eugene.

The G19 is functionally identical to the M1911, and has a firing rate of 550 RPM. The colors of the M1911 and the G19 are identical. The mode of the G19 fires in semi-auto. The user does not need to press the trigger to fire. Unlike the old G36, the G19 does not auto-eject when firing.



The G19 fires 550 shots per minute when holding, making it the slowest weapon in the game. It fires slower than the Pistol, the Mossberg Shotgun, the Stake Rocket Launcher, and the Javelin.

The G19 also has a high Magazine Size of 16.

Both the G36 and the G19 lack the «bump-fire» capability of the G18.

The user can upgrade the G19 to the G36 to gain bump-fire and extended magazines. These upgrades will cost 600 platinum. The G36 is otherwise identical to the G19, aside from the changed magazine size.

Warning – G19 does not fire fully automatic, however Magazine Upgrade will.


The slang for the G19 is «the g19.» It appears on the base of the G36, G36C, and the G36E.

The G36 can be obtained as part of the M

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