– Charsets: Support for all 16, 32 and 128-Bit Unicode encodings
– Save Encoding: Directly save to the current encoding (default UTF-8)
– Save Encoding in Encoding Preferences: Save to the directory of the given encoding. (Encoding must exist)
– Save Encoding in Defaults: Set the encoding to the default value.
– Save Encoding in Defaults in Preferences: Add the default value as an entry in the Encoding Preferences.
– Encoding Tools: Add or remove encodings from the selection box.
– Languages: Language selector.
– Select Unicode Language from File: Select a specific Unicode language from a file.
– Spellcheck: Spellcheck with ICU. It has a non-free option for cases when the input is long and the dictionaries aren’t large enough (Sudoko UI).
– Word Wrapping: Add a space after the last line break.
– Syntax Highlighting: You can choose your preferred syntax highlighting tool.
– Unicode Character Map: Open Unicode characters in a map.
– Code snippet: Copy a code snippet.
– Close all Code Snippets: Close all code snippets.
– Language Converter: Convert selected code snippets to other language.
– Open All Code Snippets: Open all code snippets in the project.
– Code Snippet in Another Project: Open the file in the same project, if one is found.
– Reload All Code Snippets: Reload all code snippets in the project.
– Open All Code Snippets (In Project): Open all code snippets in the project.
– Open Code Snippets: Open all code snippets.
– Rename: Rename the project.
– Delete: Delete the project.
– Copy: Copy the project to the clipboard.
– Open: Open the project.
– Edit: Open the project in an editor.
– Save: Save the project.
– Reload: Reload the project.
– Load: Load the project.
– Preferences: Open the preferences dialog.
– Encoding: Open the encoding dialog.
– Default: Set the default project encoding.
– Special: Show the special dialog.
– Custom Encoding: Add custom encodings.
– Preferences in Language: Open the language preferences dialog.
– Change Project to…: Change the current project to the given file name.
– Show Project File 70238732e0

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Video on how to download KEYMACRO file format and use it to get great quality output for video.
Download link for [
EXTENSION theme will display all the EXTRACT and other file formats that can be used with KEYMACRO software.

NEW – Add a contact to LinkedIn from the contacts page.
Add a contact with a phone number from the contacts page.
If there is no phone number, create a new Contact from the contact manager and copy the information from the new Contact to your old Contact.
Note that you can not delete the phone number from an old contact.

Legacy Contact Manager features added:
* contacts with email addresses
* contacts without a primary phone number
* new contacts can be moved to a section
* contacts can be imported from a text file
* «history» list of contacts
* «history» list of contacts (phone and email)
* «search contacts»
* «email to mycontacts»
* «email to mycontacts» with address book button
* «record a phone call» for existing contacts
* «record a phone call» for new contacts
* «print contacts»
* «delete contacts»
* «delete old contacts»
* «calculate» to calculate the number of a phone number
* «calculate» to calculate the time of a phone number
* «move contacts to»
* «change my title»
* «accept an invitation»
* «reject an invitation»
* «view an invitation»
* «view profile»
* «email list of»
* «emails»
* «social media»
* «twitter»
* «face book»
* «twitter»
* «face book»
* «facebook»
* «remember me»
* «wish list»
* «order history»
* »