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As a result, more and more smaller companies use [ZebraDesigner Pro v2] label design software to create labels for their products. ZebraDesigner is a useful label design software that lets you create barcodes, labels, stickers, tag or design your own plastic products. Create fully editable and printable labels with multiple colors and font styles in various sizes with ZebraDesigner.
The installation package of ZebraDesigner Pro 2.5 consists of CD-ROM, 3 user guides, version instruction [.
Unlike other label design software, ZebraDesigner includes the ability to place several designs of barcodes at specific positions. A comprehensive database of barcode symbology is provided. With print layout preview you can see the label in the preview window before printing. This is extremely helpful when you want to print the same label several times without re-designing it each time.
You can create unique barcodes with ZebraDesigner using variable fonts. All entries can be grouped in a single database entry. Each font entry can have a single or a list of characteristics.
Create your own barcode symbology with ZebraDesigner and add it to the catalog. This means that you can change the name of your code and the associated metadata and properties for each type of symbol.
ZebraDesigner Pro 2.5 creates the label with the Print preview and provides you with a graphic representation of the printout. The results of the calculations are available directly on the barcode.

Create your own, simple and complex barcode symbology (barcode designer).
Design your own window frame with the included icon library and add your own symbology to it.
Scale the symbology to the desired size or any other specific size as well as scaling to your environment settings.
Take care of all the metadata, properties and overlays within the symbol type.
Design your own label.
ZebraDesigner enables the creation of an unlimited number of different font styles, including monospaced and proportional fonts, barcode fonts, variable fonts and invisible fonts.
The included icon library is ready to use. Add custom icons from these libraries, as well as from any other external sources.
See the alignment of a symbol relative to the label background, label border, and other symbology.
Insert windows into the symbol and freely adjust their position.
Make the fill of the symbol